Saturday, 7 July 2012

How To Use the Premium Account Cookies to Login to Premium account for FREE !!

With certain premium filehosts you cannot simply use a login name and password, some require the use of cookies, but its relativly straaightforward to do so here goes !

Step 1. Start firefox

Step 2. Go to Tools

Step 3. There go to Add-ons

Step 4. In Add-ons press Get Add-ons

Step 5. Search for "cookie"

Step 6. Install the one named "Edit Cookies" and restart firefox

Step 7. Then go to filehost site you want to login as premium

Step 8. Login with non premium account. For example on megaupload you can use this Username: kenedaa Password: siavonen

Step 9. Go to tools again and select "Edit cookie" from bottom

Step 10. When you open it there is empty box put in there "megaupload" then press Filter/refresh button

Step 11. In there you should see cookie named "user" click on it and then click on button "edit"

Step 12. Then there should pop-up "add/edit cookie" window. Fill in there the content you have been given

Step 13. Then just Press "save". Close cookie editor

Step 14. Refresh the site and there it is premium account ^^