Thursday, 19 July 2012

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is not installed" Registery Fix

heres a very rare but extremly usefull file, its for ppl who have "misplaced" their pro evolution soccer pes 2012 installation dvd and need to fix their game install. if you try and play the game and you recieve the message that pes 2012 is "not installed on your computer" , then download the file below (skip ad twice to download) then place it in your root game directory eg c:\program files\KONAMI\pro evolution soccer 2012\ , then RUN the program you will then be presented with a dos box flashing red and your just press any key 1 time and the box should turn GREEN, when it turns green just presss any key again to exit ... then PLAY THE GAME ITS FIXED !! :D this file has been removed from 99% of hosts so this is a rare mirror of it, get it and KEEP it if you like me love to play pes2012 !! x)

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